Craig Air Center-MyJet has a perfect safety record. We employ the latest safety systems and checks to assess, classify and manage the safety of our entire operation. We have the most stringent maintenance and operating procedures in the industry, with dedicated, full-time safety staff. Craig Air Center-MyJet maintenance department is FAA certified, and performs everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, offering Class 3 airframe support and Class 1 power plant repair capabilities. We also specialize in pre-buy inspections. Craig Air Center-MyJet is Federal Aviation Administration certified on-demand Part 135 Charter Operator. In addition to being an FAA certified 135 Charter Operator, Craig Air Center is a US Department of Transportation Approved "Public Charter Operator."

In addition to the Federal Aviation Administration regulations, operators and aircraft are required to meet additional safety and reliability standards established by Craig Air Center-MyJet. Aircraft age, pilot training, maintenance history, and safety audit ratings are among the many criteria reviewed to ensure that every flight exceeds FAA approved charter operator requirements. All of Craig Air Center-MyJet's Captains are Airline Transport Rated (ATP) and have over 20 years of flying experience and more than 7,000 flight hours. Craig Air Center-MyJet is an "ARGUS" gold operator and has had no incidents or violations in its 30 year history. Our pilots attend semi-annual safety training programs in state-of-the-art, full-motion simulators as well as completion of a rigorous ground and flight training program. Each aircraft employs two pilots, which doubles the alertness and safety.

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