Aircraft Management


Craig Air Center-MyJet has over 30 years of experience managing aviation assets. We will handle all of the details of managing your aircraft, from Human Resources, Accounting, Maintenance, Marketing to Flight Coordination. We offer you unmatched revenue opportunities with our high-volume charter demand through our established base of private charter customers as well as charter brokers and other charter operators. You will have the opportunity to generate significant revenue and offset the costs of aircraft ownership and operation by making your aircraft available for charter. For each charter hour flown, you will be reimbursed a rate to offset your costs.

All PART 91 and PART 135 aircraft owners will have access to Craig Air Center-MyJet’s unique savings programs which include:

  • Discounts on administrative/management costs
  • Discounted fuel & hangar space
  • No pilots on owner's payroll
  • Tax & sales tax benefits
  • Reduced rate on crew hire and training
  • Discounts on aircraft maintenance and aircraft cleaning
  • Significant insurance savings through top industry providers
  • Hotel and ground transportation discounts throughout the U.S.

Owner will have access to our entire fleet of aircraft at discounted rates if mission requirements dictate a different type of aircraft or in the event of scheduled maintenance.

Craig Air Center-MyJet will oversee the planning and monitoring of all flight related activities.

  • Crew coordination and briefing
  • 24 hour aircraft scheduling
  • International flight preparations and permits
  • Flight crew accommodation arrangements
  • Meteorologists & licensed dispatchers
  • Flight tracking
  • Trip Planning (ground transportation, catering, etc)
  • Concierge services

Aircraft Sales

Craig Air Center-MyJet provides exceptional assistance for those seeking to buy or sell an aircraft. Our aircraft sales specialists have the experience, knowledge and resources to ensure that your aircraft is quickly bought or sold at fair market value and compliant with FAA regulations.

  • Aircraft selection
  • Pre-buy inspections
  • Appraisals
  • Contract negotiation
  • Title services
  • Post purchase upgrades and aircraft modifications

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